Tuesday, 12 June 2018

My tints and shades art

Last term we started learning about tints and shades
WALA: different ways to change colours

We made an ice-cream so we could do a different colour in each scoop.  We did our own cone and made sprinkles with the hole puncher. and then we stuck a cherry on top.  It was tricky to get the tints lighter than each other by adding the right amount of white and I think I should have put more black in the bottom shade scoop.

Mine and Kelan's baking - the golden syrup butter cookies

WALA: making things using ingredients and following . arecipe

We found out that you need to put dry ingedients with dry ingredients and the milk had to go with the Baking Soda.

10 minutes quiet writing by myself - Picture story

WALA: writing by ourselves quietly for 10 minutes so we can focus and not stop other people from writing.

This is my story about my Pegasus horses.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

My descriptive story

I've been writing stories and using See - Feel - Hear to give the reader a good idea in their head.